Motivation programs


Motivational Programs

Our company is comprised of people and the Protege Group knows how much they contribute to the success of the organization.

Motivational Programs are an important tool to acknowledge those employees who stood out due to their good work, effort, and dedication, aspects which are highly estimated through the “Employee of the Month” and “Employee of the Year” programs.

To refer an employee to the program is to acknowledge and confirm that not only did he/she do what they were supposed to, but that they also overcame all expectations through everyday actions and attitude in face of difficulties and unexpected situations. In other words, it is to acknowledge that he/she really contributed to the company’s growth in a significant way.

The program is divided into three categories:

  • Employee of the Month;
  • Employee of the Year – Regional;
  • Employee of the Year – National.


Employees awarded “Employee of the Month” and “Employee of the Year – Regional” are honored in their units and departments, and the 15 employees awarded as “Employee of the Year – National” are honored during a special ceremony in the end of the year party held every December in São Paulo city.
And talking about acknowledgment, the loyalty of our employees is also highly estimated. At Protege, upon completing 10 or 20 years as an employee, people are also honored during the end of the year event.

Career Plan

The Protege Group knows that the satisfaction of our clients reflects the quality of the services provided to them. The ongoing investment in qualified human resources and a structured career plan that stimulates and retains the best talents are administration tools that assure good organizational results.

For people who seek more than just a job offer and who want a chance of professional growth and personal realization, Protege is just the place to be.