Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

The Protege Group’s companies have the philosophy of valuing and respecting human beings, since they are our main assets.

Institutions such as family, community, and our employees are the main agents in our operations and the reason for which we develop our social responsibility projects.
In our segment, Protege is innovative not only in the investment of new technologies, but also, as the security company that invests most in social projects. Proof of this was the launch of the first edition of our Social Report in 2006 and since then, at the end of every year a new edition is published

Project Crescer invests in future generations. We believe that actions that promote the development of children and adolescents, from nearby communities or the children of our employees, contribute to a better world.

Our actions stimulate creativity, using their talents for the arts, practicing sports, and prepare teenagers for the job market by providing them with computer knowledge.

We intend to turn Protege into an extension of our employees’ homes and that their children be proud of the company where their parents work.

We know that companies require a good cultural and educational level from workers. So that our employees may follow market changes and in a way to assure the quality of the service we provide, Protege offers the Aprender Project. This project has existed for over 5 years and offers those who did not conclude Elementary, Middle, or High School the chance to resume their education.

Within that period, around 1,500 employees participated in the project, whether going to the study centers in some units or studying at their homes, with the material provided for free.

In addition to the Aprender Project, we also invest in education by means of partnerships with Higher Education Institutions, which offer discounts in the monthly tuition installments to our employees and their dependent relatives; and by stimulating reading, through our Library, whose collection has more than 700 different books.

Citizenship also translates into being caring with people who are less fortunate, which is the main goal of the Protege Solidária program.

Through timely campaigns that collect toys, food, and clothing, the Protege Solidária program stimulates volunteering and promotes the integration of the company, its employees, and deprived communities.

In the last four years, our actions have helped hundreds of families. Over 25,000 kg of food and 3,000 toys have been donated, assuring a quality diet and making the childhood of many children happier.